Multilingual Thursday, 14th April

Back online on Tuesday – it’s Easter weekend here in the UK.

1. First of two from Language Magazine: A Superpower Hidden in Plain Sight, a piece by Adeola Whitney about viewing linguistic diversity as an asset rather than as a problem

2. And the second, UNESCO Sees Role of EdTech in Multilingual Learning, a piece about “the potential of technology to advance multilingual education and support the development of quality teaching and learning for all”

3. And while we’re talking about UNESCO, here’s a piece (with an introductory video) about Darla Deardorff’s Story Circles methodology for developing intercultural competencies

You can find Darla’s Manual for developing intercultural competencies here and in PDF form below.

[file x 1]

4. Another piece from The Conversation (I must be their ideal reader), Can we ever fully separate our work and home lives? My wife and family will testify that this something that I’ve never managed to do.

5. And, finally, ‘The Peanut Vendor’

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