Wednesday, 13th April

1. Assessing learning, with Carolyn Westbrook and Richard Spiby, is the title of a new, six-part series of English Teaching Talks videos

Introductory video here

Other subjects in the series so far are

Integrating ICT with Nik Peachey

and Taking learning outside the classroom with Claudia Rey

2. Good title to this piece in the EDUCAUSE Review by Perry Samson: Students Often Prefer In-Person Classes . . . Until They Don’t

EDUCAUSE was new to me. Their mission is “to advance higher education through the use of information technology”. Here’s their homepage

3. Alexandra Mihai’s latest blog post, Reflecting on identities in educational development, discusses what it means to be an ‘educational developer’. (I think the alternative term she uses, ‘faculty developer’, actually makes her meaning clearer, and I can remember the time when we had a ‘staff training department’.) As ever, a good reading list.

4. Trypophobia is this week’s phobia. Can be triggered by any of the following, apparently: sunflowers, honeycombs, sponges and seedy fruits.

5. And, finally, I found this diagram of the world’s living languages by Lex Fridman from MIT on LinkedIn PDF below. See if you can spot what’s missing (as many people quickly did)?

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