Climate Tuesday, 19th April

1. It’s Earth Day this Friday, 22nd April, and the Climate Action in Language Education team are celebrating with a special event at 11:00 UK time, “to launch a new research publication, ‘Climate action across the global English language teaching (ELT) sector’, as well as a range of new high- and low-tech free resources for English teachers looking for innovative ways to integrate climate change issues into the classroom”.

More info here

and registration here

Here’s the Earth Day home page

2. Just found this, the United Nations Climate Change home page

Here’s Climate Change Executive Secretary Patricia Espinosa’s address to the recent ‘Our Ocean Conference’ in Palau

and here’s Palau, where sea levels are indeed existential, on the map

3. Here’s an OECD ‘snapshot’ of Climate-Related Official Development Assistance (ODA)

One finding is that there’s been scant increase in the proportion of ODA devoted to climate change mitigation or adaptation since 2013. PDF below as well.

4. And, finally and non-climatically, three 3 National Geographic Learning events coming up in the next week on Facebook:

i) Thursday 21st April at 14:00 UK time, with Lora Agbaso Forced displacement. Trauma. Can ESOL provide an effective relief?

ii) Saturday 23rd April at 09:00 UK time, with Emily Wilson Teaching Learners in Refugee Camps

iii) Monday 25th April at 10:00 UK time with Polly Akhurst Providing high-quality learning to refugee youths globally

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