Wednesday, 20th April

1. On the face of it, developed countries were much more generous with Official Development Assistance (ODA) aid in 1960 than they are today, with 0.54% of GDP spent on aid compared to 0.33% in 2020

2. A fair bit of the current issue of Language and Education is currently open access

including English as an additional language: a close-to-practice view of teacher professional knowledge and professionalism by Constant Leung (PDF below)

and Tony Liddicoat’s afterword on Teacher education for diversity (PDF also below)

3. Clearly prompted by the current conflict in Ukraine but of wider relevance, Is Ukrainian a language or a dialect? That depends on whom you ask and how the war ends

4. Suggested by this evening’s riverside walk, cygnophobia is this week’s phobia!

5. And, finally, something a bit different: a short video of Sonia Boyce’s UK pavilion that opened today at the Art Biennale in Venice, music included

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