Monday, 21st March

1. Two chances this week to hear Emily Bryson’s talk for National Geographic Learning on Accessible learning: small changes for an inclusive classroom: 17:00 UK time on Wednesday, 23rd March, and 10:00 UK time on Friday, 25th March.More info and registration (and recordings of earlier events in the series) here

and a taster-teaser from Emily here

“Every learner is different. It is essential to adapt our lessons to support each individual, make them feel valued and give them a voice. Making small changes to our teaching practice can have a big impact on learning.”

Attendance certificates, lesson plans and a copy of the student’s book all on offer!

2. Here’s the latest episode of the TEFLology podcast, Accessibility and Inclusivity with Judit Kormos from Lancaster University Well worth a trawl through the archive of the previous 112 episodes!

3. Evidence to support my own impression that stuff you Google doesn’t stick: Easily accessible but easily forgettable: How ease of access to information online affects cognitive miserliness by Esther Kang You may be able to get access to the full article through your school or university library?

4. And, finally (and initially), the first in a daily series of poetry about what’s happening in Ukraine, courtesy of Alan Maley and his friends: today, two short poems from Jill and Charlie Hadfield. PDF below, with the photo behind Jill’s poem.

Not Again?

The horror of war:

each generation forgets

what their parents learned.

Charlie Hadfield

Children of War

Outside the Polish station

A line of empty pushchairs

Waiting to be filled.

At the bombed-out hospital

All the waiting pushchairs

That never will be filled.

Jill Hadfield

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