Friday, 18th March

Reading, listening and watching for the weekend

1. I enjoyed the latest Learnit podcast, which is an interview with Valerie Bridges, Superintendent of Edgecombe County Public Schools in North Carolina in the USA about Giving Students a Voice in their Education There’s something about natural authority such as Dr Bridges’s that’s very compelling.

2. Maybe not such a surprise that a report commissioned by FutureLearn should emphasise the key role of online learning, but The Future of Learning Report for 2022 is interesting, nonetheless

One finding is that over 40% of people plan on starting (what the report calls) ‘a side hustle’ alongside their full-time job; another that 75% of people take the opportunities for lifelong learning offered by prospective employers into account when choosing a new job. PDF below.

3. Thoughtful stuff by Emiliana Vegas from the Brookings Institution‘s education team, Education technology post-COVID-19: A missed opportunity?

“While technology has transformed most industries—from air travel, to finance, to health care—it has yet to do the same in education,” says Emiliana. PDF below.

4. So, How are you using your materials? (Well, I hope!) We can find out at 09:00 UK time tomorrow, Saturday 19th March, when Hanoi Pedagogical University and International House London will be reporting on their materials development project with junior secondary school teachers in Vietnam. Register here and PDF of flyer below.

5. And, finally, a whole free issue of EL Gazette to explore, including (as two random Cross choices) “I ain’t done nothing wrong…” on double negatives and a review of Chris Sowton’s book, Teaching in Challenging Circumstances PDF below in case that’s easier – hope it’s not too big a file.

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