Climate Tuesday, 22nd March

1. Green Action ELT are running a session at 14:00 UK time this Friday, March 25th on Taking your English language lessons outdoors.

More info here

and registration here

Here’s their archive of recordings of past events

2. Harry Waters wears a flat cap and runs the Renewable English website Have a rummage around for the free stuff:

here’s the materials section

and here’s the lesson on plastics

3. Climate change may devastate the Middle East, says The Brookings Institution. Here’s how they think governments should tackle it

4. It’s not climate but it is tomorrow, Wednesday 23rd March, at 14:00 UK time: the latest OECD webinar, Engaging boys and girls in learning: Creative approaches to closing gender gaps, will be reporting on recent OECD research showing “that girls and boys reported different feelings when it came to their learning: the boys were more likely to be bored than the girls, whilst the girls felt less confident than the boys”.

More info and registration here

5. And, finally, today’s poem for Ukraine: Nothing I can Say, by Michael Swan (PDF below, too.)

Nothing I can Say

A woman and three children

under a bridge,

her hand clapped over

the little one’s mouth.

The sound of boots

on the road

coming closer.

Nothing I can say

will change anything.

Michael Swan

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