Phobic Wednesday, 17th November

1. First, a blog for Cambridge University Press and Assessment (never to be acronymised, I’m reliably informed, as it sounds like a lollipop) by Chris Sowton celebrating Paulo Freire

Blog home page here

2. … and second, a blog for Pearson by Jeanne Perrett  including 10 free worksheets to teach values inspired by Disney characters that might be fun.

That said, I can well remember the ‘fun’ we had a few years ago when a colleague decided to develop materials inspired by a young man whose initials are H and P, but I’d expect Pearson to have got it right on copyright!

Blog home page here

3.Thai blogs are like London buses – don’t think I need to explain, do I?

Here’s Richard Watson Todd’s blog summary of a forthcoming ELTJ article on The languaging curriculum

and here’s the accompanying website for the ‘hobby course’ which repays the investment of a little time.

4. Dorian Gray did not suffer from eisoptrophobia – or did he, maybe?

5. And, finally, another letter from The Times, this one bemoaning the decline of the apostrophe, attached below.

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