Multilingual Thursday, 18th November

1. Good notice of this UCL Linguistics Circle event at 10:00 UK time on Wednesday, 1st December with Emma Dafouz from Universidad Complutense de Madrid in Spain: Approaching English-medium Education in Multilingual University Settings through the ROAD-MAPPING framework. Registration here and more info in the attachment below.

ROAD-MAPPING is a very clever acronym … explained in brief here

2. Even better notice of this NILE Insights event on Bilingualism at 16:00 UK time on Thursday, 2nd December, so you can register – and submit difficult questions in advance! More info and registration here

NILE are confident that, “If you are a teacher of English, a learner of other languages or just a language lover you might have asked yourself this question: what makes someone bilingual?” – tune in to find out the answer(s).

3. The best possible notice of this whole-day symposium on EMI in emerging contexts hosted online by the EMI Research Group at the University of Oxford on Thursday, 9th December, so you can make arrangements to attend. More info and registration here Round the world in seven hours!

4. Five free events from the Hay Festival featuring Matt Haig, Steven Pinker, Bill McKibben, Siri Hustvedt and Damon Galgut, who’s just won the 2021 Booker Prize with his novel, The Promise:

5. And, finally, two pieces of music that (some of) you might not have expected me to like  and

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