Friday, 19th November

1. I hadn’t realised that registration for this series of three workshops curated by Swansea University closes next Monday, 22nd November – sorry! Our first years in academia: Managing applied linguistics research alongside teaching and other tasks.

Registration and more info (in quite small print) here

2. Do you tell your students not to use Wikipedia? Why?

3. Do you understand what this paragraph is about? “Despite the multi-receiver sets, the spread option is a run-first scheme that requires a quarterback that is comfortable carrying the ball, a mobile offensive line that can effectively pull and trap, and receivers that can hold their blocks. Its essence is misdirection.” I wasn’t sure!

All will be explained here ‘Why background knowledge about the world can increase reading comprehension – even for facts you can just Google’

4. This was such a disappointment! This year’s European Poetry Festival in London is all face-to-face, with nothing at all online It’s all free, but I don’t think that’s quite right. I’ve been well and truly spoilt by my lockdown experience. And I realise that London is not where most of you are going to be next week, either: I’m just indulging myself by complaining!

5. And, finally, online poetry from both sides of The Atlantic:

three videos about Hannah Lowe’s poems about teaching and learning in London

and later today, at midnight UK time, readings by the members of the Board of Chancellors of the Academy of Poets in the USA – they look less grand than they sound!

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