Monday, 22nd November

1. Next Monday, 29th November, sees the launch of TESOL Graphics, an ‘online repository of infographic summaries of secondary research in TESOL’. More info and registration here

I take this to mean quick, at-a-glance, visual summaries of research: look at it once and get the gist, without having to read the research. I think that’s a good thing …

2. Let’s talk about diversity in the classroom! is the title of Alexandra Mihai’s latest blog post, which offers not only a list of ten challenging questions to help us explore our unconscious biases but also a list of ten tips to help us incorporate diversity into our teaching meaningfully. Plus her usual excellent list of references!

3. Here’s a ready-made discussion for a class of older students

4. And, finally, I’d forgotten all about this section of the TeachingEnglish site Stacks of audio, video and print stuff:

try Francesca Beard

or China Mieville

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