Climate Tuesday, 23rd November

1. Here’s a report by the Chatham House think-tank here in the UK on COP26, with a 500-word summary of key findings and a link to the full report PDFs of both summary and full report below.

2. Here’s a brand-new podcast from Chris Sowton and Kris Dyer for TeachingEnglish: Episode 1 is How can I integrate global issues into my teaching? Links to podcast, transcript and teacher’s notes all here Direct link to podcast here and PDFs of both show notes and transcript below.

3. Richard Everitt asked me last week what does the Scott Polar Research Institute (SPRI) in Cambridge do, when we were sitting just around the corner from it. I think he knows the answer – the clue is in the name.

Here’s a film they’ll be showing and discussing at 14:00 UK time this Thursday, 25th November, Utuqaq ‘Utuqaq’ in the Greenlandic language, Kalaallisut, means “ice that lasts year after”, “ice with a memory”. I think the discussion will be online and I’ll post the link once I’ve found it, but the film speaks – beautifully – for itself.

Here’s the SPRI site too, for Richard’s benefit

4. And, finally, here’s one of Selector Radio’s ‘green sessions’, Louis VI performing ‘Orange Skies’

Selector Radio is celebrating its 20th anniversary at 17:00 UK time tomorrow, when it will be live here

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