Climate Tuesday, 16th November

1. I’ve mentioned Dave Reay before. He and I worked together when I was in Edinburgh and I certainly recognise him in this sentence, “Reay is probably enthusiastic about a lot of things …”, from this article in The Guardian the other day, ‘Carbon is my thing’: the climate geek trying to erase his footprint’. He’s bought his own farm on the Mull of Kintyre, with the intention of repaying his and his wife’s lifetime carbon debt

2. How can schools go carbon neutral? is the title of this Education Exchange webinar from the British Council at 16:00 UK time tomorrow, Wednesday 17th November, during which we’ll hear from educators around the world about the innovative ways they are reducing carbon emissions with the involvement of pupils and the wider school community.

More info and registration here:

3. I don’t apologise for mentioning The Conversation yet again. Here’s a really good collection of post-COP reflections

plus, at 17:00 UK time this Thursday, 18th November, they’re convening a panel discussion with climate change experts reflecting on the summit and on what needs to happen next. on You can join on Facebook here

More info in the PDF below.

4. And, finally and non-climatically, because it’s tomorrow and sounds interesting, the next in the Leiden University Centre for Linguistics series of webinars, Gijsbert Rutten talking on Language planning in Europe in a historical perspective at 12:00 UK time tomorrow, Wednesday 17th November. Registration link here and more info in the PDF below.

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1 Response to Climate Tuesday, 16th November

  1. richard says:

    Whst role does the scott polar research institute in cambridge play?

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