Thursday, 27th October (Richmond)

1. Two free online courses from Alison – a company, not a person! An introductory one on Digital and Cyber Security Awareness and another, a diploma level course, Diploma in Global Digital Literacy

Another 3,293 free online courses (and a few adverts in passing) here

2. ‘Managing the madness: Strategies to promote and protect language teacher well-being is the (slightly ominous) title of a very watchable and informative webinar Sarah Mercer recently gave for Macmillan Education ELT Also on YouTube here

“This webinar makes us realize that to teach to the best of our abilities we need to be in the best physical and mental shape possible. We look briefly at why teacher well-being is not an indulgent luxury but the foundation of good practice. Then the main part of the workshop considers practical strategies for teachers to use to manage their negative emotions and stress, promote positive emotions, and regulate their time and work-life balance.”

More Macmillan ELT videos here

3. I’m always a little wary of titles like this one, Student Preference for Online Learning Up 220% Since Pre-Pandemic – 220% of what, exactly? But the increased readiness of students to engage with online learning post-pandemic is nonetheless clear

Here’s the full Educause report that the article is based on, 2022 Students and Technology Report: Rebalancing the Student Experience

4. A thoughtful piece by Jay Caspian Kang on Chinese-language-immersion schools for The New Yorker, Why Oakland Parents Are Flocking to a Chinese-Immersion School

Let me know if you can’t access this one or the next one, please.

5. And, finally, a mock-plaintive (I think) piece from James Heale, Will anyone buy my Liz Truss book?

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