Tuesday, 25th October (Richmond)

1. Another good piece from the New York Times on Artificial Intelligence, A.I.-Generated Art Is Already Transforming Creative Work https://tinyurl.com/3yrxhntn “I typed in ‘carrot parrot,’ and it spit back a perfect image of a parrot made of carrots,” said Collin Waldoch, a Brooklyn game designer. “That was the immediate ‘aha’ moment.”

2. The education of children in the United States may have been more damaged by the Covid pandemic than in other countries or less damaged, I don’t know. In the States, though, the impact of the pandemic was profound, as a recent National Assessment of Educational Progress report shows https://apnews.com/article/science-health-government-and-politics-covid-education-39e01a570b560c685b5340078c8dcdee

3. Supporting Survivors of Modern Slavery is a short video from The Salvation Army about a surprisingly widespread problem in the UK (and other countries) today https://youtu.be/z1RG0VH7C1Y One of those where I’d claim there’s a lesson in there somewhere if you sit down with a good cup of coffee and think it through!

4. And, finally, a piece from Words Without Borders by Elin Anna Labba, The Deportation of the Northern Sámi https://wordswithoutborders.org/read/article/2022-10/the-deportation-of-the-northern-sami/ The migratory reindeer-herding Sami people’s problems began, it seems, with Norwegian independence in 1905.

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