Thursday, 20th October (Cambridge)

1. Zoom evidently have an interest in this collection from the Harvard Business Review, Reimagining Work, which they claim will offer us “ways to reinvent how, where, and when we work; find more passion, purpose, and meaning in (our) work; develop personal and organizational resilience; create successful team dynamics in a hybrid work world; and more!” See what you think! PDF below.

2. Echo chambers are bad for you! Relational diversity in social portfolios predicts well-being is the title of this open access research article from The Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS) “Assessing the social interactions and happiness of over 50,000 people reveals that interacting with a more diverse set of relationship types predicts higher well-being.” PDF below.

3. And sleep is good for you! Here’s a BBC podcast, Sleep Well, from Michael Mosley  Maybe not one to listen to in bed, though?

4. And, finally, the title of Bob Dylan’s new book, The Philosophy of Modern Song, says the New York Times, “is, in a sense, misleading. A collection of brief essays on 65 songs (and one poem), it is less a rigorous study of craft than a series of rhapsodic observations on what gives great songs their power to fascinate us”. Review and recordings here

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