Tuesday, 1st November (Cambridge)

1. The Green English language teaching page on the Green Action ELT website is a very rich resource https://green-action-elt.uk/act-now/teach/#outdoor-elt

Scroll right down for a video on Green ELT for lower language levels from Carol Samlal https://youtu.be/J342v5JTUB0

Green Action ELT is the new name for ELT Footprint UK.

2. Eaquals and Clara Wildschütz are offering us a chance to practise our French at 10:00 UK time this Thursday, 3rd November: Du plaisir au Bonheur d’enseigner le français dans un contexte dynamisant et motivant! https://www.eaquals.org/eaquals-events/event/du-plaisir-au-bonheur-denseigner-le-francais-dans-un-contexte-dynamisant-et-motivant/ (That capital B ‘Bonheur’ is puzzling me a bit, though.)

You’ll find other Eaquals events – en Anglais! – here https://www.eaquals.org/eaquals-events/type/webinars-online/

Scroll down a little for more details on David Bish on Combining Video Enhanced Observation with a strong rubric framework for teacher and school development at 10:00 UK time next Monday, 8th November

and Dalia Ashraf on How to Maximize students’ Speaking Opportunities in Online Classes at 10:00 UK time the following Monday, 15th November.

3. The current crop of articles on The Conversation website is as wide-ranging as ever https://theconversation.com/uk

Try this one about the longevity of language learning https://theconversation.com/modern-language-gcses-continue-to-fall-in-popularity-but-new-research-shows-language-knowledge-will-last-you-a-lifetime-187820 (certainly true of my own French)

this one about Ouija boards https://theconversation.com/ouija-boards-three-factors-that-might-explain-why-they-appear-to-work-for-some-193059 (many spooky-sceptical evenings were spent this way at my boarding school)

or this one about Shakespeare and contemporary UK politics https://theconversation.com/four-of-shakespeares-plays-and-how-they-speak-to-the-current-political-situation-in-britain-193248 (Shakespeare comes out of the comparison better).

4. And, finally and agriculturally, a piece on maslins from Atlas Obscura https://www.atlasobscura.com/articles/ancient-crop-future-farming-ethiopia – not something I’d ever heard of!

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