Friday, 17th June

1. The Times Education Commission (TEC) – who appointed themselves to the task – have just published their report on ‘Britain’s whole education system’, Bringing out the Best: How to transform education and unleash the potential of every child Lots of interesting ideas, interwoven with a fair bit of education politics, focussed largely on England despite the reference to Britain. PDF below.

2. Hope the adverts are not too annoying on this piece from Schools Week, which reviews one of the TEC’s proposals, ‘Revalidate’ teachers every 5 years, education commission says

3. A thoughtful piece by James Breiner about his twelve years of writing a blog and the added impact the newsletter he started writing less than two years ago has brought

4. And, finally, the Times Literary Supplement podcast, which I often enjoy skim-listening to

The latest episode includes a close reading of the first first few words of Ulysses with Paul Muldoon (which starts 4 minutes in) in celebration of Bloomsday yesterday, 16th June

Here, with Cross fingers tightly crossed that non-subscribers can access at least one article for free, is Paul Muldoon’s essay on Ulysses in this week’s TLS, Spinoza’s shillelagh: some thorny issues in the first words of Ulysses

And here is a much more accessible reading of Ulysses than the book’s reputation suggests Do NOT fret every word.

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