Monday, 20th June

1. Apologies for the short notice for this one: the next Eaquals webinar is tomorrow, Tuesday 21st June, at 10:00 UK time. Arum Perwitasari and Joanna Wrzesinska will be talking about Resources to support writing for academic purposes More info and registration here

2. The first of two webinars at 12:00 UK time on Thursday, 23rd June, this one from the TeachingEnglish team: Linguistic Landscapes as a pedagogical resource in English language classrooms with Osman Solmaz. More info & registration here

3. The second webinar at 12:00 UK time this Thursday is a NESTA one, with Yinka Olusoga The practice of play: how playtime affects child development More info & registration here

4. And, finally, The Guardian’s take on the best podcasts so far this year So far, I’ve only listened to The Trojan Horse, which was good – and depressing. This strikes me as quite a narrow podcast furrow that The Guardian’s ploughing?

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