Thursday, 16th June

1. Some interesting thinking (and a webinar) from NESTA, Could early years tech support child development?

Register for the webinar here

I think it’s fair to say that orthodox opinion hitherto has been that toddlers and tech don’t and shouldn’t match: this is a different take.

2. An honest post on the WONKHE blog of the ‘painful and bruising’ process of Creating an Anti-Racist University Experience by Jill Childs from Oxford Brookes University

“We learnt that it was far too easy to overestimate our understanding of issues of race and racism and to underestimate the associated complexities of our teaching and learning environment.”

3. Not quite sure why I find this one so worrying:

But if I suffered – which I don’t – from ornithophobia, I guess I’d be pleased!

4. And, finally, a brutal (realistic?) short story from Fernanda Melchor, again translated by Sophie Hughes, who I mentioned on Monday, Life’s Not Worth A Thing

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