Wednesday, 15th June

1. There’s a number of TeachingEnglish webinars coming up in the next few weeks. They’re all listed here

The first one in the list is this Saturday, 18th June, at 14:00 UK time, English Connects Action Research: Learnings from the African classroom. More info and registration here Looks likely to be fun – and a challenge to chair with nineteen speakers!

2. I somehow missed this one when it was first published last year: On language teachers as agents of cultural relations by Maria Grazia Imperiale from Glasgow University

Maria Grazia concludes with a question about learning for her readers, What have you learned from the international language teachers/teacher trainers/language practitioners you work with? What did they teach you? PDF below.

3. Maria Grazia refers several times to this earlier essay by Martin Rose, English in Cultural Relations

Martin establishes a useful distinction between English-as-Vector – ‘a treasure and a handicap’ – and English-as-Commodity – (which has) ‘a superficial simplicity’. PDF below.

4. Incorporating Global Englishes into the ELT classroom by Nicola Galloway and Heath Rose explores some of the same territory from the classroom coalface “Increasing students’ awareness of the globalisation of English is a daunting task for teachers, especially considering the lack of globally-oriented ELT materials they have to work with.” PDF below.

5. And, finally, another paper co-authored by Heath Rose, this time with John Bosco Conama, Linguistic imperialism: still a valid construct in relation to language policy for Irish Sign Language

No question mark in that title, then! Begins with a useful account of the background to the notion of linguistic imperialism. PDF below.

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