Tuesday, 14th June

1. This Friday, 17th June, is United Nations World Day to Combat Desertification and Drought and to mark this day the Language Centre, School of Languages, Linguistics and Film at Queen Mary University of London will be hosting a webinar at 13:00 UK time from an educator from the frontline of the urgent fight against desertification. Patrice Kané will be talking about 5 things that happened after environmental lessons in Mali.

More info and registration here https://hub.qmplus.qmul.ac.uk/view/view.php?t=FpO0btuxS3GYjsnDc5Ry

Do join if you can: Patrice was unable to get to IATEFL in Belfast to give this talk, as he’d hoped to.

2. Take a virtual tour of the Climate Connection exhibition here https://www.britishcouncil.org/climate-connection/virtual-exhibition

On your desktop or mobile, use the arrows on the floor to help you navigate, and click on the QR codes on the walls for more information. You also get to see the new British Council HQ building!

3. “The importance of ensuring that children who have the gift of a home language (lovely way of putting it! ed.) other than English have skilled teachers who know how to put that gift to work as they add English to their linguistic repertoire” is one of the key tenets of this piece in edpost https://www.edpost.com/stories/science-of-literacy-and-dual-language-advocates-can-work-together-but-its-harder-than-you-think Thanks to Robin for sharing it.

4. And, finally, the Chicas de la Habana version of ‘Manteca’ https://youtu.be/LPAf0EZRmHQ

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