Monday, 13th June

1. The London School of Economics (LSE) are holding a festival this week: full details here

With a series of short videos that includes

How can we tackle digital inequalities?

and How can we support climate resilient farming in developing countries?

2. From BBC Radio 3’s Essay series, Inua Ellams explores how African barber shops provide spaces where men can be vulnerable

All the other 1,776 (!) episodes here

3. Four talks from this year’s Hay Festival for when you have a moment:

Bernardine Evaristo

Monica Ali

David Olusoga

Sophie Hughes talking about translating Fernanda Melchor

4. And, finally, a miracle of compression: Dombey and Son in less than seventy-five minutes

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1 Response to Monday, 13th June

  1. Manuel Xavier says:

    I’m looking farword to the festival

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