Wednesday, 11th May

1. VERY SHORT NOTICE of this Multilingual Matters ‘meet the authors’ event from 10:00 to 16:30 UK time tomorrow, Thursday 12th May – mea culpa! More info here and registration here

You should feel free to pop in and out during the day.

2. The Research Excellence Framework (REF) is a very big thing for universities here in the UK. Here’s a good clear explanation of what it’s all about from David Kernohan of WONKHE which will be of interest to university staff in other countries, who may like to compare it to their own national equivalent and feel either relieved or jealous that they don’t have something similar, and to schoolteachers who want to take a look over the fence

3. Seven hours sleep each night is all you need, say a team of scientists from Cambridge and Fudan

4. Not just one phobia this week – fifty of them on the Phobia Guru’s website here, categorised into animal, medical and situational But what if you have a phobia of shaven heads, I wonder?

5. And, finally, C’mon, Get Happy!

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