Climate Tuesday, 10th May

1. I’m not sure the pun in the title of this OECD publication quite works, The Short and Winding Road to 2030: Measuring Distance to the SDG Targets but what it has to say is important enough to survive a wobbly pun. Read online here PDF of summary below.

2. The experiment by John Bumpass Calhoun (great middle name) described in the first part of this piece, The Mindset Gap, is a worrying one; I’m less sure about the argument that the author develops from it. See what you think.

3. Most (but perhaps not quite all) of us will agree with the following statement: “Climate change and biodiversity loss need urgent action and long-lasting, systemic change in attitudes, mindsets and practices. Education has a key role to play in shifting our behaviours and beliefs and achieving a fair, sustainable future.”

That’s the premise of GreenComp, the European sustainability competence framework, which “maps out sustainability skills and competences for learners of all ages, from young children to adults, and for all educational settings, formal, non-formal and informal”. More info here and PDF below.

4. Here’s a short video which offers 5 Reasons to Bring Plants Into the Classroom

It goes well with this podcast from Stephen Heppell on Greenhouse Classes in The Climate Connection series Notes on the podcast below.

5. And, finally, I assume that OECD title above was intended as a pun on this Beatles song, The Long and Winding Road Or am I showing my age again?

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