Monday, 9th May

1. Philip Kerr has just written a new article for DLA (Digital Learning Associates) on Authentic Video and Empathy

“As an idea,” says Philip, “empathy suffers from a lack of clear definitions – it is perhaps this lack that has allowed it to become a buzzword.” Philip starts by defining his terms – what is empathy? – and goes on to ask, ‘Can it be taught?’.

His article refers to the following videos, all just three minutes long Volunteer Hairdresser (B1-B2 level), Welcome Refugees (A2-B1) and Shake my Beauty (A2-B1)

Lots more DLA videos to explore here

2. Here’s a WONKHE piece by Jim Dickinson comparing the two very different approaches to the funding of higher education to be found either side of the Irish Sea

3. NATESOL, who very kindly gave us ten free tickets for their annual conference next Saturday, 14th May, have asked me to give the conference one more plug: more info here and PDF of programme below.

4. And, finally, I’ve just discovered The Blind Boy podcast, and I’m not quite sure what to make of it. Let me know what you think!

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