Friday, 6th May

1. The next Reading Applied Linguistics Research Circle talk is next Tuesday, 10th May, at 16:00 UK time. Tess Fitzpatrick will be talking about What word associations can (and cannot) tell us about the mental lexicon. Over the last fifty years, many claims have been made for the use of word association tasks – personality assessment and employment, to name just two – some solidly evidence-based, some less so. For the Zoom link, please contact PDF of abstract below.

2. Here’s the Class Central list of MOOCs worldwide One to sit down and explore.

3. Three very listenable half-hour Radio 4 programmes on Wordsworth by Jonathan Bate

Some weekend kitchen listening? Reminded me how good Wordsworth’s poems are when heard (rather than read inside one’s head).

4. Here’s a piece by Chris Arnade on walking as learning in cities, Why I Walk

And here’s his follow-up piece with practical tips (for city dwellers), How to Walk (12 miles a day)

5. And, finally, how to say ‘Can I Have a Beer, Please?’ in 10 languages

Works for orange juice too, with minor adjustments!

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