Multi-lingual-cultural Thursday, 12th May

1. Here’s the latest TeacherTapp blog post, which I suggest you read through a ‘comparison of education systems’ lens. Unlimited colour photocopying will be a dream for many, and the policy on permitting mobile phones in class (if students have them in the first place) will vary widely between schools and countries. I’m less sure of coffee and tea policy worldwide!

2. Well worth another mention, I think: the Teaching for Success series of self-study booklets to download and work on in your own time, at your own pace

If you’re still not 100% sure what 21st Century Skills are, try this one PDF below as well.

3. Next Wednesday, 18th May, sees the next event in the Education Exchange series, a panel discussion on Disability in education. More information and registration here

The event will draw upon this report by Hannah Ware and Nidhi Singal, English language teachers with disabilities: an exploratory study across four countries

PDF below just in case that’s easier and a short introductory video here

4. And, finally, a Premier League football referee, Jon Moss, with all sorts of interests off the pitch

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