Multilingual Thursday, 7th April

1. How can I use different languages in my teaching? is the title of the latest episode in the TeachingEnglish podcast series by Chris Sowton and Kris Dyer

“Students’ home languages should be seen as assets in the English language classroom – but all too often they are viewed as problematic and detrimental.”

2. The next in Universitas Negeri Jakarta’s monthly Zoominar programme is next Thursday, 14th April at 10:00 UK time: Obaid Hamid from the University of Queensland will be talking about Writing as Social Action and Learner Engagement in Online Classes.

“This presentation will illustrate ‘writing as social action’ in teaching a group of school students from Bangladesh in a weekly zoom class. Named ‘Unliving English’, the class was initiated during the pandemic and was conducted from Australia. It will be argued that the non-curricular teaching provided an ideal space for exploring writing for social and humanistic causes beyond typical linguistic and cognitive goals; it was also highly engaging for students.”

Zoom meeting ID 916 0784 2063 and password PASCAUNJ.

3. How racism manifests itself in NGO culture and structures is the first of two blog posts for BOND by Lena Bheeroo and Andres Gomez de la Torre, looking at culture and structures inside of NGOs and the discrimination it exacerbates

Good iceberg analogy!

4. There’s a poetry reading, The Pity of War, in solidarity with Ukraine next Monday, 11th April at 17:00 UK time with Alan Maley, Kimwei McCarthy, Charlie Hadfield, Jill Hadfield, Sharoon Sunny, Vishnu Rai Singh, Vahid Nimehchisalem, Sana Khan, Andrew Wright, John Liddy, Gerard Hocmard, and Michael Swan.

Registration here:

5. And, finally, here’s a tour by mini-drone (weight 250g!) of my hometown, Richmond, courtesy of my friend from Dundas Street infants school, Andrew

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