Friday, 8th April

1. My British Council colleague in Lima, Ralph Grayson, is looking for a consultant to develop resource packs to accompany recordings of the plenary sessions from the recent BBELT conference. More details here

Nothing ventured, nothing gained?

2. Another colleague from The Americas, Graham Stanley, had an interesting conversation with Emma Rodgers of Little Bridge about Educational Technology and Children on his Teachers Talk Radio show on Tuesday

3. I can’t make the link to the PDF of this article, Mapping the emergence of a gender gap in English in Rwandan primary and secondary schools, by Alphonse Uworwabayeho, Lizzi O. Milligan and Harry Kuchah Kuchah work Harry could, though – PDF below!

4. The April issue of HLT has just arrived, with its usual rich range of articles including the first mention of suggestopedia for many a long year (that I’ve heard, at least)

PDF of the contents of this issue below.

5. And, finally, a lively podcast from PoliticsHome, How damaged is Boris Johnson’s reputation?

Even Teflon wears out over time, doesn’t it?

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