Wednesday, 6th April

1. Is education policymaking also being privatised? is the title of the latest Global Education Monitoring (GEM) blog post by Christopher Lubienski Illustrated with a very straightforward cartoon!

2. The next Eaquals webinar is at 10:00 UK time, next Tuesday, 12th April: Quality Hybrid Language Teaching with Robert Hanley. More info and registration (on different tabs) here I made something of a mess of a hybrid session about a month ago, so I’m especially keen to join this.

3. Time for another visit to the UKFIET blog? Why not! Includes Margo O’Sullivan on teacher absenteeism and Abdirizak Haybe Ali on the impact of drought on education

4. Do monomaniacs suffer from this week’s phobia, monophobia, I wonder?

5. Scroll down on the left-hand side to the Robin Robertson poem, On Time Alternative direct link here, if it works better Be sure to listen to Robin’s brief explanation of the poem after his reading.

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