Climate Tuesday, 15th March

1. Early warning – and if I remember, I’ll remind you next Tuesday, too – of an event on 28th March, starting at 10:00 UK time, The Climate Connection Global Knowledge Exchange There’s a focus session on the Climate Action for Language Education (CALE) programme at 11:00 UK time at which Colm Downes will announce a number of exciting new CALE developments around World Earth Day on 22nd April.

2. I don’t think this is too technical; I’m a little less sure, though, for how much of the world a heat pump is a viable option. NESTA have just published a range of reports into heat pumps and people’s attitudes (here in the UK) towards their use and cost PDFs of three of the NESTA reports below.

3. In part climatic, this year’s Cultural Heritage for Inclusive Growth Symposium starts in Nairobi tomorrow, with a focus on “Decolonization & Cultural Heritage in Africa”: more info here and registration here

4. Possibly not at all climatic but quite likely climactic is the next event in the China TESOL Master Class Online Series, David Crystal talking about The Future of Englishes at 12:00 UK time on 18th March. More info and registration here (and in the PDF below) – click on the English button if your Chinese is rusty! All welcome!

5. And, finally and at very short notice, the March ViVEXELT Symposium, on Sharing synchronous online ELT practice through a Virtual Exchange with a keynote by Robert O’Dowd from Universidad de León on Virtual Exchange and its role in Teacher Education is tomorrow, Wednesday 16th March, at 12:50 UK time. Full details in the PDF below; registration (but absolutely no information!) here The ViVEXELT (Vietnam Virtual Exchange for English Language Teaching) project is a collaboration between Coventry University in the UK and Hanoi University of Science and Technology in Vietnam

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