Monday, 14th March

1. Eaquals have a webinar at 10:00 UK time tomorrow, 15th March with Elena Deleyto La Cruz & Thom Kiddle on Using authentic video in language teaching and learning – why, what and how? At risk of giving offence to Thom, I’m intrigued by Elena’s plan to ‘show how a very simple interactive learning structure can provide the means for autonomous video-based learning’.

2. The 120th issue of BAAL News has just come out PDF below as well. An interesting interview with David Crystal looking back over BAAL’s history: he organised their first ever event!

3. FOLLM, the Forum on Language Learning Motivation, have a webinar at 09:00 UK time next Monday, 21st March, in partnership with the Department of English and Communication of Hong Kong Polytechnic University, with Jean-Marc Dewaele from Birkbeck College and Stephen Ryan from Waseda University on Novel Insights into Motivation and Emotions Research More info here and registration here

4. And, finally, The Guardian won the best short film BAFTA award last night for its documentary film, The Black Cop

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