Friday, 11th March

A variety of reading for the weekend …

1. Free online till 24th March, Intercultural and Transcultural Awareness in Language Teaching by Will Baker in the Cambridge Elements in Language Teaching series PDF below just in case that’s easier.

Pedagogical Translanguaging by Jasone Cenoz and Durk Gorter remains free to download

and details of the other books so far in the series here

2. One for us men to read over the weekend? Gender Equality in Higher Education: Maximising Impacts – “an in-depth analysis of how gender inequality is reflected, reinforced and challenged in higher education worldwide” PDF copies of both full report and summary below.

3. No prizes for guessing what a number of the articles in this month’s issue of International Affairs directly or indirectly focus on PDF of this month’s Editor’s Choice article, Rethinking strategy and statecraft for the twenty-first century of complexity: a case for strategic diplomacy,by Jochen Prantl and Evelyn Goh, below. All open access except the abstracts curiously!

4. This one’s a bit of a rant, but a readable one: Hope for the Future by Audrey Watters, ‘Ed-Tech’s Cassandra’

5. And, finally, unschooling and a family who live in a bus (not a shoe)

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