Multilingual Thursday, 10th March

1. One week today, Thursday 17th March, at 09:00 UK time sees the next event in the Universitas Negeri Jakarta’s Zoominar programme: Kathleen Heugh from the University of South Australia will be talking about The Role of Local, Regional and International Languages in Multilingual Education to Achieve Equality and Inclusion. Zoom meeting ID 927 4818 6553 and password PASCAUNJ.

Kathleen’s rubric reads as follows: “The focus is on the relationship between literacy and learning to read and write and using reading and writing to learn. For most students in the world this means literacy in a minimum of two languages, usually three, and often four. I discuss the research data, what we know now, and how we can achieve what is necessary for all students. I discuss, with practical examples, how to ensure that all students and teachers know how to translate knowledge in one language into another language and how they learn how to work with translanguaging and transknowledging.”

2. The next event in the Eaquals Plurilingual Webinar Series is tomorrow et c’est en français: «Il était une fois un conte qui… voyageait» avec Katia Ioannidou et Natacha Madentzoglou. Cliquez ici pour vous enregistrer

3. Here’s the archive of the TESL Canada Journal There’s a number of articles in Vol. 36 No. 1, which was a special issue on Language and Higher Education, on translanguaging and plurilingualism and the journal generally pays a fair bit of attention to languages in education.

4. And, finally, time for a spot of Punglish at long last, I think. Here’s Daljit Nagra talking about his retelling of the Ramayana:  

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