Wednesday, 16th March

1. The Association for Quality Education & Training Online (AQUEDUTO)  have recently published a report by Simon Borg on COVID-19 and the Shift to Online Teacher Education “With the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, it quickly became clear that institutions worldwide were forced to transition to online-based teacher training programmes. With expert Simon Borg, we connected with teacher educators in nine different countries to learn how they responded to COVID–19 and the fast switch to OLTE (online language teacher education). The narratives are followed by a review of the key themes that they highlight, and the report ends with some reflections on the implications of the study for ELTE.” PDF below.

2. Also looking at teacher education, How should ITT (Initial Teacher Training) evolve to meet global needs? is the title of this article in the tes magazine (which no longer uses its full name, The Times Educational Supplement, or capital letters, to the confusion of people of my generation, but maybe that’s the point)

3. The eighth annual edition of the British Council’s Five Films for Freedom, the world’s first global, digital LGBTIQ+ short-film programme, has just launched, with films this year from India, China, Croatia, Panama and the UK.

More info here

the films themselves here

and a useful glossary of common LGBTIQ+ terms from The University of Technology in Sydney here

Watch one a day for the next five days?

 4. And, finally, this week’s phobia is amaxophobia, something that I do not suffer from having just become the happy owner of a car for the first time in nearly twenty years – the opposite rather!

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