Friday, 11th February

Another late return to Cambridge from Yorkshire today …

1. The impact of informal second language learning, motivation and formal instruction on EFL learners’ spoken use of discourse markers is the title of Christina Lyrigkou’s talk next Wednesday, 16th February for the University of Reading Centre for Literacy and Multilingualism Research at 16:00 UK time.

Registration here and home-made PDF below.

I have to admit that over-use of discourse markers such as well, so, you know, I mean, is a bit of a red rag to the Cross bull, whether or not it’s “considered an integral part of spoken discourse”!

2. Are teachers workers? Simple question, simple answer? The Teachers as Workers SIG certainly thinks so Here’s a piece from their blog from a while back in which Phil Longwell talks openly about mental health

3. Nedim Türfent has been imprisoned in Turkey for six years. Here’s his reply to a letter he received from Ai WeiWei on the English PEN blog

4.And, finally, a video from the Bradford Literature Festival: ‘Squib’ by Anthony Anaxagorou and the One6th Animation Studio

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