Multilingual Thursday, 10th February

1. Perhaps more for information than for action for most of us, the European Commission’s Safeguarding endangered languages in Europe initiative: Click on the ‘show more’ buttons.

2. Why do we always have to tell people where we come from? is the title of the most recent post on the Danish Development Research Network (DDRN) blog

3. The Universitas Negeri Jakarta’s Zoominar programme for Semester 2 starts at 09:00 UK time next Thursday, 17th February with Subhan Zein from the Australian National University talking about Examining Indonesia’s sociolinguistic situation: From diglossia to superglossia Zoom link to follow as soon as I have it, and home-made Cross PDF of the whole programme below.

4. Community Languages and EAL Can Benefit Each Other is the title of a recent Bell Foundation webinar by Li Wei from UCL Institute of Education

Lots of other videos to explore on the Bell YouTube channel

including this series of ‘Great Ideas’

5. And, finally, the story of How Killer Rice Crippled Tokyo and the Japanese Navy

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