Wednesday, 9th February

1. A possibly over-optimistically entitled event from the Abidjan Principles team at 14:00 UK time next Monday, 14th February: “Towards the end of profit and commercial practice in education?” Scroll halfway down the page for more info on a stellar speaker line-up and all the way to the bottom to register.

2. An article from Ross Crichton, Adam Edmett and Steve Mann in the English Language Teacher Education and Development (ELTED) Journal about a project in Thailand that I became very fond of, after its inauspicious ‘give ’em a quick single-dose shot of training’ beginning, Video based observation and feedback for Thai in-service teachers: the mentor’s role

Here’s the article itself and PDF below.

3. Registration’s still open for the Taking Action! Conference on Social Justice in Language Classrooms and Teacher Education on 18th and 19th February.

More info here and registration here PDFs of programme and abstracts below.

4. Strictly speaking, this weeks’ phobia, procrastination, is not a phobia. It’s clearly not one the organisers of the Taking Action! conference suffer from. Here’s a Huffpost blog post on procrastination from a few years back, How to Get Over Your Fear of Taking Action, by Morty Lefkoe

5. And, finally, I’m glad I wasn’t on this plane

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