Not-so-very-Climatic Tuesday, 8th February

1. Ladies and gentlemen, a big hand please for the ten winning schools in the Climate Action school video competition!

Scroll down the page for links to all the prizewinning videos: start with Our Climate Hero from Ethiopia and if you allow it to, YouTube will play all ten videos one after another.

 2. Today is Safer Internet Day here in the UK There’s lots of resources and quizzes for all age-groups: PDFs of the resources for 7-11 year-olds, by way of example, below, and here’s a working link to the Digiduck materials referred to in the resources

3.  You’ve still just time to register for this event with Scott Thornbury at 13:00 UK time tomorrow, Wednesday 9th February: Dogme ELT at 21: Has it come of age? Here’s some homework reading on Dogme: a Wikipedia page that someone is looking after carefully two pieces that Scott wrote for TeachingEnglish and and I’ve attached a PDF of the original piece Scott wrote on Dogme for IATEFL Issues.

4. You need to collect no fewer than 151 stamps to be entitled to claim that you’ve walked the length of Hungary’s National Blue Trail

5. And, finally, here’s a phrase that took me (and MS Word) by surprise in a meeting agenda the other day: I shall be spitballing – with some misgivings – tomorrow. Good that it’s an online meeting!

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