Monday, 7th February

Early notice of Oxford University Press’s ELTOC 2022 on 4th and 5th March, so you can register in good time I’m guessing ELTOC means ELT Online Conference? Three strands to the conference: Climate Action, Digital Learning, and Classroom Management. One of those is not such a new topic! PDF of programme below.

2. Chris Sowton and Kris Dyer’s podcast for TeachingEnglish has already reached Episode 6, to my surprise: How can I teach in challenging circumstances?

PDFs of show notes and transcript below, plus a low-fi audio file of the podcast.

[file x 3]

3. I was too slow off the mark with this new series from National Geographic Learning which began with Chia Suan Chong & Rachael Gibbon on Intercultural skills for the real world on 26th January. Next one is Marek Kiczkowiak on 23rd February with How to teach pronunciation for global communication. The recording of the one we missed is up on the site. PDF of whole programme below.

4. And, finally, how about an hour of global vinyl via Havana from Cuban record collector & DJ Cami Layé Okún?

I want to call it ‘funky’ but I’m not sure people younger than me still use that word …

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