Monday, 14th February

1. The University of Bristol is offering a number of PhD scholarships in fields including Education Closing date 28th March – nothing ventured, nothing gained?

2. Here’s a speaking lesson plan from onestopenglish on Film and TV: Romance movies  with downloadable pupil worksheet and teacher’s notes PDFs below. Scroll down the page for lots more film and television lesson ideas and materials.

3. The OECD use the attainment gap within a country’s education system between weaker and stronger pupils as a useful indicator of the quality and equity of that system, and eligibility for ‘free school meals’ has long been used in the UK as both a reliable indicator of disadvantage and a useful way of tracking progress made (or not made) by disadvantaged pupils relative to their non-disadvantaged peers. This press release from the National Foundation for Educational Research (NFER) about a new report, Investigating the changing landscape of pupil disadvantage by Jenna Julius and Anusha Ghosh, explains how that’s all about to become more difficult Report download here and PDF below.

4. And, finally, a free piece from the next issue of the London Review of Books to encourage those of you that don’t subscribe to do so, Out of Sir Vidia’s Shadow by Paul Theroux Cross fingers crossed this works; PDF below in case it doesn’t.

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