Climate Tuesday, 1st February

This edition is sponsored by the World Economic Forum – if only!

1. Here’s Bill Gates and John Kerry in conversation about climate change at the World Economic Forum, both of them guardedly enthusiastic about what COP26 in Glasgow achieved Good clear soundtrack that lends itself well to a variety of listening activities.

2. Also from the WEF, a thought-provoking short video on the cost of net-zero

3. According to the European Commission, cities cover just 3% of land on Earth, yet they produce around 72% of all global greenhouse gas emissions. Our electric future depends on cities. Here’s why

4. I can’t imagine that climate will not be a big part of the conversation between Diane Coyle and Anthony Painter at the RSA this Thursday at 13:00 UK time, What is economics – and what should it be? More info and registration here

5. And, finally and worryingly, both for drinkers and producers, a piece in The Conversation on the impact of climate change on coffee

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