Wednesday, 2nd February

1. I was worried this would be a monster file but it’s not too bad (5 Mb): the OECD report on How Learning Continued during the COVID-19 Pandemic with forty-five ‘education continuity stories’ from round the world  PDF below.

2. This one is a bit of a monster file (11 Mb): Prioritizing Learning During COVID-19: The Most Effective Ways to Keep Children Learning is the title of the latest report by the Global Education Evidence Advisory Panel. Download and video of the launch of the report here

There’s a useful timetable of the webinar about 4:15 into the video and Jaime Saavedra from the World Bank (who seems to have grown a (much more) distinguished grey beard (than mine) since we last met) does a useful analysis of the ‘scale of the problem’ roughly five minutes in – one year of school closure equals pretty much one year’s loss of learning.

PDF below if that survives your e-mail system’s attachment size limit.

3. Why Wordle Works, According to Desmos Lesson Developers is the title of a blog post by Dan Meyer “Teachers should steal all of this”, says Dan.

4. “Adriatic Splendor (sic)” is a period piece from 1955 about Croatia & Yugoslavia sent to me earlier today by the friend who met me on my arrival in Zagreb in 1979 (only a few years later).

5. And, finally and with some trepidation about exactly how PC this is, here’s Norm McDonald’s Professor of Logic joke Look away now if you suffer from coulrophobia, this week’s phobia.

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