Monday, 31st January

Late home this evening from the inaugural meeting of the London TESOL Research Forum, ably spearheaded (his word) by Jim McKinley ...

1. More research: TIRF is The International Research Foundation (for English Language Education) The winner of their Alatis Prize for ‘Research in Language Policy and Planning in Educational Contexts’ this year was Chris Chang-Bacon from the University of Virginia with his paper “Generation Interrupted: Rethinking ‘Students with Interrupted Formal Education’ (SIFE) in the Wake of a Pandemic” PDF below and more readable than that title might suggest.

2. David Nunan is a TIRF trustee. Here’s his slightly more than two-minute answer to the question, What’s the Point of Education? David’s talk is the first in a new series of TIRF Talks, slightly curiously billed as ‘talks by some of the most prolific (my emphasis) speakers in the ELT community’.

3. You may need to register to download your own copy of this McKinsey paper, Bias busters: A better way to brainstorm PDF below just in case you can’t be bothered …

4. Early notice of this Sheffield University course, A Corpus Course for Teachers, which starts on 21st February to give you time to apply for one of the scholarships they offer

5. And, finally, how about a little TEFL equity?  Here’s an interview with the founder of TEFL Equity Advocates, Marek Kiczkowiak

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