Friday, 28th January

Some reading, watching and listening for the weekend …

1. A blog post by Barnaby Lenon from the University of Buckingham on the use of textbooks – or not – in the UK

“In England 10% of 10-year olds are issued textbooks; in South Korea – 99%. In secondary science 8% of pupils in England are issued with textbooks compared to 88% in South Korea, 92% in Taiwan. Why are English schools not using textbooks?”

Other posts here

2. Another Australian TV programme on education, this time from the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC), on Why Finland’s schools outperform most others across the developed world

3. Another ABC film, about Eddie Woo, the maths teacher you wish you’d had in high school

and here’s Eddie’s TEDxSidney talk, Mathematics is the sense you never knew you had, in which he suggests that “I love mathematics!” is a great conversational gambit for the next party you go to

4. Two pieces with Irina Dumitrescu from Cologne University:

the first one an LRB podcast where Irina talks about the book ‘Memory Speaks: On losing and reclaiming language and self’ by Julie Sedivy (31:35 into the podcast, if you’re not interested in Antonio Tabucchi)

and the second a ‘long read’ of hers about daughters and fathers and students and professors and fathers who are professors

5. And, finally and thanks to Amy Lightfoot, a new one to add to our list of wacky acronyms: EAGLE countries. Is your country an EAGLE? Find out here

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