Wednesday, 12th January

1. Something for your students or children, probably, on the (I hope reasonable) assumption that not too many under-30s read this message: Youthwise is the OECD’s ‘Youth Advisory Board’ and applications are now being accepted. More info here  and registration here PDF with more info below

and here’s more on OECD work with youth

Me, I’ve never quite come to terms with the fact that you can be 30 and still qualify as ‘youth’.

2. A treasure trove from King’s College London, Working Papers in Urban Language and Literacies

PDFs of one by Ben Rampton, Sociolinguistics: 50+ years in under 10 minutes, and one by Pippa Sterk, Navigating airport security as a Person of Colour, below. If you register with (for free) you can download them all and a whole lot more besides.

3. Two good recent pieces on the Cambridge University Press and Assessment website:

Diary insights into teaching during lockdown

and Why don’t we just put our high stakes exams on screen?

4. PMQs – Prime Minister’s Questions – was an especially bruising encounter for Boris Johnson today: Starts just shy of eleven minutes in.

5. And, finally, Pride or Prejudice: How we Read Now – three half-hour BBC Radio 4 programmes on Reading, Teaching and Writing Novels with Abigail Williams from Oxford University

Did Elizabeth Bennet or Fitzwilliam Darcy suffer from this week’s phobia, pistanthrophobia, I wonder? Or any other characters here?

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