Multilingual Thursday, 13th January

  1. Thanks to Fraser Bewick – thanks, Fraser! – here’s Philip Kerr’s typically forthright take on ELF (English as a Lingua Franca) and translanguaging,  Out with the old, in with the new: ELF and translanguaging and here’s his previous blog post on Multilingualism, linguanomics and lingualism

2. So, in the interests of balance, here’s an ELTJ piece by Li Wei on translanguaging, Translanguaging as a political stance: implications for English language education

Several more interesting pieces listed in the sidebar on the right, some of which are also free-access (bravo, ELTJ!):

this one by Francesca Helm is, Exploring English as a ‘glocal language’ in online EMEMUS

and this one by Christa van der Walt, Training multilingual English language teachers: challenges for higher education

PDFs of all three below – maybe save some for the weekend?

[file x 3]

3. Looking back: if you missed Emma Dafouz’s talk for UCL on English medium education ROADMAPPING for UCL the other day and as a result don’t know what EMEMUS (or ROADMAPPING) are, you can find it here, on the UCL Centre for Applied Linguistics YouTube channel:

Looking forward: if you’re quick, you can still book for Eowyn Crisfield’s talk for NATESOL on Multilingualism in the Classroom: Productive strategies for supporting teaching and learning at 10:00 UK time this Saturday 15th January You need to book by 17:00 UK time tomorrow.

4. Thanks to Mark Henebury – thanks, Mark! – here’s A Reading from Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales by Jess B. Bessinger Jr, whose Middle English accent lives on twenty-seven years after his death:

And here’s a nice legible text of The Canterbury Tales

and a bit more on Middle English

5. And, finally, Joelle Taylor is a major force in UK poetry and she’s just won this year’s T S Eliot Prize.

Here’s her reading three of her poems:



and Heaven, 1995

talking about her work

and her website

And one more for luck, a bravura performance-reading by Joelle that I’ve just stumbled over:

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