Climate Tuesday, 11th January

1. Here’s a good, comprehensive FutureLearn blog post that would make the basis for a lesson or even a project: How to reduce plastic waste: 20 tips to save the planet

Here’s one worrying quote from it: “In 2014, the ratio of fish to plastic (in the oceans) was 5:1. (The WEF) predicted that by 2050 this ratio would be 1:1, so there would be as much plastic as fish.”

2. There’s an online event in NESTA’s A sustainable future series at 13:00 UK time next Tuesday, 18th January with ‘three carbon-cutting pioneers’, Stories from the frontline: let’s hear from our green home pioneers: more info and registration here

and here’s the home page for A sustainable future

3. The World Economic Forum has a short piece, These countries are leading the transition to sustainable energy, on its Fostering Effective Energy Transition 2021 report, which highlights global progress in tackling greenhouse gas emissions from energy generation.

On the one hand, says the report, more than 70% of tracked countries have made progress on energy access and security; on the other, just 13 out of 115 countries have made consistent improvements over the past 10 years.

Piece here and PDF of report below.

4. And, finally, from The New York Times, 52 Places for a Changed World – ‘places around the globe where travellers can be part of the solution, a choice of 52 places to travel to in 2022’. Window shopping for most of us, I think, but fun, nonetheless! (I think you’ll find it’s easier to use the page down key if you’re on a laptop.)

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