Friday, 24th December

This is the last ‘Free Resources’ message till 6th January. If you’re getting a break, luxuriate!

1. This has been around since 2016 but was new to me earlier this week: If The World Were 100 People

2. Eating eels, electing bean kings and Roland the Farter: part of the medieval Christmas and New Year festivities in the UK With a free Latin word at the end of the piece: bumbulum!

3. I don’t always – often! – agree with the political views expressed in The Spectator magazine but this list of The Spectator’s best films of 2021 includes a number I hope to watch over the Christmas break Starting with The Power of the Dog tonight, which I hope is at least half as good as Thomas Savage’s book

4. And, finally, a fun piece by Sarah DeVries from Mexico News Daily, Learning a language leads to something greater than the sum of its parts

See you next year – thanks for reading!

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